Steve's Testimonial

My story

I lived with back pain for most of my adult life. The pain in my leg was unbearable at times because my sciatic nerve was pinched. My back pain made it challenging to do the things I enjoyed like riding my motorcycle. For me, riding is a way to clear my mind and escape from my worries. My pain made it so that I rarely felt good enough to ride and if I did go out on the bike, it wasn’t for long. It wasn’t just riding that became difficult, it was work. And that created a whole new level of stress because I was constantly asking myself, “How am I going to go to work? How am I going to earn a living? How am I going to support my family?” And that’s when I knew it was time to find help.

Why I chose Laser Spine Institute

The condition of my back was severe. Four of my discs were causing problems in my back, which made it difficult to find a surgeon to treat me. At one point, I was told “You’re on your own. There’s nothing we can do for you.” And that was devastating to hear because it was like any shred of hope I had was ripped away. When someone tells you there’s no hope left, what are you supposed to do? When you have hope, there’s always a reason to push forward. When I learned about Laser Spine Institute, I contacted them because I had nothing to lose. And my experience with them was amazing. They made it easy for me to understand what was happening at every step.

My life today

I woke up in recovery after my surgery with Laser Spine Institute with no pain whatsoever. It was a great feeling. Laser Spine Institute does excellent work, and they were a godsend. They helped me get back to living the life I wanted to. I can go anywhere and do whatever I want now, including ride my bike. In fact, I was back to working on my bike soon after I recovered from surgery.

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