Ret. Major General Price's Testimonial

My story

I was in the military for 31 years, and that came with a lot of physical demand. I was jumping out of airplanes, performing everyday duties and completing fitness tests. That’s when my back pain started and got progressively worse. I learned to manage it through conservative treatments, but one day, everything changed. While playing basketball with some soldiers in the Pentagon, after I jumped, I felt it. It was like I hit bone to bone when I landed. I couldn’t run, sit, stand or sleep. Worst of all, I couldn’t wrestle, play basketball with my son or do any of the things we loved to do. A traditional spine surgeon told me my surgery could go one of three ways: get better, get worse or stay the same — that 33 percent chance was all they could give me.

Why I chose Laser Spine Institute

Minimally invasive is the special sauce of Laser Spine Institute. They fixed precisely what was wrong with me without screws, rods or anything like that. My recovery was short because surgical trauma was minimal. Also, Laser Spine Institute’s authentic care — the genuineness of the people. It’s a mindset, not a product or service. There are no divas or celebrities. It’s people working to change people’s lives. The greatest thing a health care provider can do is give people hope. Now, imagine when that hope comes packaged with a smile, authentic care and concern. Laser Spine Institute was the happiest place I’ve ever been.

My life today

When my son wants to play, I no longer have to tell him, “we’ll get to it later.” Before my surgery, we’d never get to it, because I wasn’t physically capable. Since my procedure, I’m making up for lost time with my family because I can do anything I want to do. I’m lifting my son up again. We’re playing basketball, wrestling and I can chase him again — and even catch him, too. I’m back to doing squats, leg curls and leg lifts. I’m in a better mood which makes my wife happy. I spent five years trying to find a solution to my back pain, and Laser Spine Institute restored my life to normal. My back pain is totally gone, and I haven’t felt it since.

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