Ret. LTC Hubbard 's Testimonial

My story

I never talked about it, but living with chronic back pain took the life out of me — especially when I had to jump out of airplanes carrying 200 pounds of equipment. As a former lieutenant colonel in the special forces, my chronic back pain would flare up at least once a year, really bad. “Just tolerate it,” I would tell myself. Until I couldn’t anymore. I couldn’t do things with my kids or even set up our Christmas tree. It wasn’t only the pain that made me consider having surgery but losing control of my foot. I couldn’t feel my leg. But in special forces, everybody’s afraid that traditional open spine surgery will end your career. And I wasn’t ready to risk that.

Why I chose Laser Spine Institute

The risk is slim with Laser Spine Institute’s minimally invasive procedures — it made more sense to me. My idea was to get fixed and get back to my normal life. I wanted to get on my feet again, fast. Laser Spine Institute selects the right people for the job, and their methods are proven. The MRI review was really reassuring because of the professionalism. They knew exactly what to look for. The recovery time is so short, it’s crazy.^ The incision is less than 1 inch. It was a fast and efficient process. But most of all, I trusted Laser Spine Institute because they gave me hope.

My life today

I’ve run 13 marathons since my surgery. Before Laser Spine Institute, a different doctor told me I’d never to be able to run again. The minimally invasive methods worked for me, and I feel good about everything. In my current job, I travel across the globe, and I’m happy to be able to do the things I do. I could’ve never sat on an airplane from Tampa, Florida, to Korea before my Laser Spine Institute procedure. I’m also back to coaching my daughter’s softball team and hitting the YMCA with my son. My head has been lifted high. I encourage anyone who’s feeling bad to get checked out. You shouldn’t wait for pain.

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