Natalie Gulbis' Testimonial

My story

Imagine that all your dreams had come true, but your back pain was threatening to take it all way. That’s where I was in my struggle with back pain several years ago. I joined the Ladies Professional Golf Association when I was 18 years old. And soon after, I injured my back. I played through the pain for many years until my discomfort reached a high that signaled something had to change. I had tried everything I could think of to find relief from the pain — from injections to physical therapy — and nothing seemed to take the edge off. Eventually, my doctor recommended I give up golf altogether and retire. I was 27 and not ready to give up the game I loved. I wasn’t prepared to give up my dream. So I started looking for other options, and that’s when I found Laser Spine Institute.

Why I chose Laser Spine Institute

When you’re desperate to find relief from chronic neck and back pain, you start asking everyone you know for a referral. You’re just looking for a little glimmer of hope. My hope came through a friend and fellow professional golfer, Peter Jacobsen. He had a similar experience with back pain and recommended that I go to Laser Spine Institute like he did. I made an appointment for a consultation, and my experience at Laser Spine Institute was incredible. They were the first doctors in six years that were able to actually properly diagnose what was wrong with my back during my consultation. And that’s when I knew I was in the right place for my minimally invasive spine surgery. I was surprised how good I felt so soon after my surgery. It was amazing to me that I could walk — and walk without pain — within a couple hours of my surgery.

My life today

My minimally invasive spine surgery was six years ago, and I still feel great. I returned to the LPGA tour and can participate in any activity I want. I can paddleboard with my family or stand to cook a meal in my kitchen — all without pain. Laser Spine Institute saved my career and helped my get my life back.

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