Karen's Testimonial

My story

Coaching teenage girls’ volleyball was Karen Speicher’s passion in life. But her chronic back pain began interfering with her ability to continue coaching.

“For the last seven years, I haven’t been able to do any kinds of sports because it hurt too much to do,” she shared. “So I gave up on coaching.”

Karen had an accident outside of her home that affected her life for years to come.

“I was in a chair at my house, outside, laying down reading a book. The chair fell, and I couldn’t get up,” she recalled. “I had to crawl into the house. I had never had pain before. I felt that I would have this pain for the rest of my life.”

Why I chose Laser Spine Institute

Karen and her husband visited her physician and were sent to get an MRI. She asked her doctor when it was time to get surgery. His response: when you’re in a wheelchair.

“But I said, I’m not going to wait until I’m in a wheelchair. I’m only 42 years old, and I have a life to live, and I have three daughters, a wonderful husband,” she said. “So, at that point, I called Laser Spine Institute.”

Karen came to Laser Spine Institute for her minimally invasive spine surgery. The staff put her at ease with their caring attitudes and clear direction.

“When I had that back surgery, I had immediate relief; no pain whatsoever,” she remembered. “I was 100 percent pain free.”

My life today

Shortly after her surgery, Karen returned to her love of coaching high school girls’ volleyball. She described that first practice with her girls as “amazing.”

“My daughter, who also plays on the volleyball team, she said, ’Mom, your back!’ And I said, honey, I’m OK,” she said. “I can get out there and play with you. So you better get your game on.”

Laser Spine Institute gave Karen a new lease on life. More than a year later, she is returning to all the activities she once enjoyed, including coaching.

“It’s so important that people who have back pain call Laser Spine Institute. Don’t wait,” she pleaded. “Don’t do what I did. Don’t wait two-and-a-half years; don’t wait seven years. Take your life back.”

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