Greg's Testimonial

My story

I led a very active lifestyle before my back pain. I really had no physical limitations. I ran several days a week, worked out frequently in the gym and participated in a church softball league. When my pain started, I had to cut back on the activities I did. Eventually, I couldn’t do anything. Not only did my pain drastically affect my social life, it also impacted my work. I work with the Gainesville Police Department as a Sergeant. And it’s a unique position because I’m sometimes required to sit or stand for long periods of time, depending on what assignment I have that day. With my back pain, though, I couldn’t sit for long periods of time without my left leg going numb. And if I stood for more than 30 minutes, I would experience an incredible amount of pain in my lower back. My back pain was taking a toll on my life, and I needed a change.

Why I chose Laser Spine Institute

I found Laser Spine Institute online and started learning as much as I could about the company and their procedures. I like that their spine surgeries are minimally invasive and use innovative technology. With traditional open back surgery, I would have a long recovery period. Laser Spine Institute gave me another option with a quick recovery time. That’s when I decided that Laser Spine Institute was the best choice for my minimally invasive spine surgery.

My life today

If you suffer from chronic neck or back pain, you don’t really notice how much it affects your attitude until you find that relief. The day I had my surgery, my wife immediately noticed a change in my demeanor and attitude. I wasn’t depressed anymore, and I had a positive attitude with a happy outlook on life. Not only did I feel great, but I was able to get back to work pretty quickly. I had to transition back slowly because of the nature of my job, but I was able to return to limited duty just a few weeks after my surgery. It’s been a great experience. Now, whenever I run into someone with neck or back pain, I always tell them to contact Laser Spine Institute.

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