George's Testimonial

My story

I’m a husband, and a dad to six children. We live on a small, 5-acre farm. I’m also a civil engineer for a state highway department. We’ve always lived a very active lifestyle. My wife, Becky, and I started a blueberry farm with our children as just another way to remain active. But that changed when my back pain set in. I lived with chronic back pain for about a year and a half before I had surgery at Laser Spine Institute. When my pain first started, it was easy to ignore because it was mild and felt similar to having a charley horse. Eventually, though, the pain became so bad that it was impacting my entire life. My pain became so intense that I started dragging my leg because it was less painful than putting weight on it. Tasks that used to be simple were suddenly difficult to accomplish, and I knew it was time to seek help. My wife and I visited several physicians and surgeons, looking for a solution to my back pain. We tried everything that was recommended to us. They eventually came to the conclusion that I needed spine surgery, but I would need to lose 100 pounds first. Well, I could barely walk. So how could I exercise enough to shed 100 pounds?

Why I chose Laser Spine Institute

I heard about Laser Spine Institute and decided to give them a call. When they told me I was a candidate for surgery, I was so relieved. My entire experience at Laser Spine Institute was phenomenal. They walked with me through every step of the process and completely eased any fears or concerns I might have had. Dr. Stefan Prada performed my minimally invasive spine surgery, and it went really well. I had a decompression surgery on my lumbar spine. I was so impressed by everything — especially when Dr. Prada himself called to check up on me a day after my surgery.

My life today

I’ll never forget the first time I stood up after surgery. I felt great. And my wife immediately noticed a change. She told me that it was obvious that I was no longer in pain. That moment was pretty exciting for us. Thanks to Laser Spine Institute, I’m able to live a normal, active life. I can interact with my kids again. My kids have told me several times that I’m in a better mood now and have an improved sense of humor.

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