Dwylett's Testimonial

My story

Imagine being in fifth grade and told you have a chronic condition called scoliosis? That was how my struggle with spine pain began. I couldn’t run. I couldn’t bend. I was always the last one chosen for a team during recess. To make matters worse, I had to wear a metal brace 23 hours a day, for two years, but it failed to correct the curvature in my spine. Decades later, those painful symptoms I suffered with as a child would come rushing back. Leg pain, arm pain and neck pain were now my constant companions. When told my only option for relief was major open neck surgery, I reluctantly did it. But after a lengthy recovery, my painful symptoms never went away.

Why I chose Laser Spine Institute

It happened in a flash. One day while walking across the parking lot at work, my legs gave out and I fell to the ground. As my manager tried to help me up, I realized I was in real trouble. I needed a cane to walk and I was terrified that I could no longer provide for my family. I tried physical therapy and even took pain pills, but when my performance at work began to suffer, I knew it was time to act. And that’s when I called Laser Spine Institute. When I walked through the doors of their beautiful facility, they did something no other provider has ever done — they made me feel like I mattered. I wasn’t my condition or a number, I was Dwylett.

My life today

For the first time in decades, I am living a life without pain. When I woke up from surgery, the nurse asked me to stand up and walk. I didn’t believe I could do it, but when I did, I cried tears of joy. My experience at Laser Spine Institute was life changing, empowering and gave me back my independence. Today, I live a life without limits. I’m also able to pursue my passion project of writing children’s books with my youngest son. For anyone still waiting to take that first step, you can do this. Life on the other side is full of color. Laser Spine Institute fixed me. And it was so nice to have somebody make a promise they delivered on.

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