Cheryl's Testimonial

My story

My back pain started after I was in a car accident more than 25 years ago. When my head hit the windshield, my neck was injured. I continually lived in pain after that. My neck and top of my back were numb, and my arms always tingled. Sometimes, just moving to complete a simple chore was painful, and it made parts of my life very difficult. If I wanted to go dancing with my husband, I knew I would have to spend the next day in bed because of the pain. And I felt like I was missing out on raising my boys because I couldn’t do things other moms could do like run around or chase them.

Why I chose Laser Spine Institute

I was getting therapy twice a week to help with my pain — that is, until my insurance company told me I wasn’t allowed to anymore. I felt so defeated in that moment. I didn’t know what else to try that would give me relief. Then, one day, my husband called my phone several times. He told what he had learned about Laser Spine Institute. So I called them to make an appointment because they said they could help me. When I met with the doctor, he said he couldn’t believe I was walking. I just felt so much relief because someone understood what I was going through. So we scheduled my surgery for as soon as possible because I was so ready to get back to normal.

My life today

The day of surgery went by quickly. I remember walking into the operating room and then the next thing I knew, I was ready to go home. That next morning after my surgery was incredible. I woke up without pain, and I was ready to go — go anywhere and just start a normal life because I wasn’t in pain anymore. And my husband noticed immediately, and said that we should have come to Laser Spine Institute a long time ago. He was right. It’s been more than six years since my minimally invasive spine surgery at Laser Spine Institute, and I feel great. I live a normal life, where I play with my kids and go dancing with my husband. I can even wear high heels and carry a heavy purse now without pain. Laser Spine Institute changed my life for the better.

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