Bruce's Testimonial

My story

I lived with chronic back pain for more than 40 years. I was injured when I was serving in Vietnam and a mortar round landed near me, causing a compression fracture at my L4. I didn’t notice the pain until after I returned home from Vietnam. And my doctors told me that my discomfort was muscular and that I needed to increase my core strength. Over the years, though, the pain continued to worsen. Even though I have an extremely high threshold for pain, it finally got so bad that I couldn’t push through it anymore. I had to give up doing a lot of things that I enjoyed, including playing golf. That’s when we knew there was a bigger problem. So I went and got an MRI, and doctors found that the compression fracture had moved nearly 60 percent away from my spine. They didn’t even know how I was walking.

Why I chose Laser Spine Institute

The VA was more than willing to help me, but they wanted me to have traditional open back surgery. I had read a lot of reviews and knew that open back surgery didn’t always have favorable results. So I decided to see what else was out there. When I saw Laser Spine Institute’s commercial on TV, I decided to look into their procedures and learn more about the company. I was impressed with what I found, but I wanted another opinion. So I made an appointment with another orthopedic physician, and he recommended that I go to Laser Spine Institute.

My life today

I am so glad I went to Laser Spine Institute for my minimally invasive spine surgery. My problems weren’t as simple as I thought — both of my sciatic nerves were pinched, and I had spinal stenosis. Dr. Mark Flood was able to help me with three little incisions that weren’t even an inch long. When I woke up from surgery, all of my pain was gone. It was an amazing moment that I’ll always remember. Before my surgery at Laser Spine Institute, I really thought I was never going to play golf again. I would have accepted that, but I didn’t have to. Now, I’m golfing again. And I can play better than I’ve ever played. Laser Spine Institute was a blessing to me.

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