Horne Center Staircase

Inside the Tampa center

Located in the shadows of Tampa International Airport and set against the backdrop of the bustling Westshore Business District, Laser Spine Institute’s headquarters and ambulatory surgery center in Tampa, Florida brings world-class spine surgery to patients from across the globe. As the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, our commitment to medical innovation and patient-centered care enables us to help patients like you get back to the things they love most.

We welcome you to our state-of-the-art center in Tampa, Florida.

5332 Avion Park Drive
Tampa, FL 33607

First floor

  • Reception
  • Consult rooms
  • Scheduling area
  • Spinal diagnostic center
  • Clinical exam rooms
  • Care Partner/family waiting areas
  • Patient café
  • Outdoor garden
  • Reflection Room

Second floor

  • Waiting area
  • Before and after-surgery areas
  • Operating rooms
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Scheduling area

You will begin your journey to wellness by checking in at our scheduling area on the first floor of our Tampa surgery center. Our Care Team will greet you with a Welcome Packet describing the details of your upcoming appointments and itinerary during your patient experience. If you have any questions, our Care Team can help you.

Clinical exam room

Laser Spine Institute’s Tampa surgery center features a calming consult room and 32 clinical exam rooms on the first floor. Here, you will have your initial consultation and all before- and after-surgery appointments at our facility. In our exam rooms, you will have a chance to meet with our physicians to complete a review of your MRI and a physical examination before surgery. We encourage you to allow your Care Partner to accompany you into the exam room so you can both ask questions about what to expect for the surgery and after-surgery recovery period.

Patient café

Between your appointments, you can grab a bite to eat at our patient café located on the first floor of our Tampa surgery center. Relax with your family or Care Partner, enjoy refreshments or surf the Internet with our free Wi-Fi. Clear your mind in our Reflection Room located immediately off the patient café.

Spinal diagnostic center

Some patients have pain in multiple areas, which requires additional evaluation at our spinal diagnostic center prior to receiving a surgical order. Some of the diagnostic procedures performed are diagnostic facet injections, selective nerve root blocks and discograms, as well as MRIs and X-rays. The purpose of additional spinal diagnostic testing is to find the location of your pain so our surgeons can have an accurate scope of where to make the surgical incision.

If your MRI is more than six months old, you may be required to complete a new MRI test so our physicians can accurately diagnose your condition. For some degenerative spine diseases, an MRI that is more than six months may not depict an accurate representation of the current damage to your spinal components.

Advanced spine motion imaging

Spine motion imaging is a breakthrough technology capable of taking hundreds of X-ray pictures of your spine while you move in a gentle and controlled manner to create a real-time video. Laser Spine Institute Tampa is one of the first facilities in the United States to offer this groundbreaking spinal technology.

Before-surgery area

On the day of your surgery at our Tampa surgery center, you will be guided to our before-surgery area on the second floor to meet your surgeon and anesthesiologist. Take this time to ask your surgeon any last-minute questions about your procedure and recovery period.

Operating room

Laser Spine Institute’s state-of-the-art operating rooms include high-definition magnification and direct visualization tools, as well as several other advanced tools. These tools allow our surgeons to perform minimally invasive spine surgery through a less than 1-inch incision to avoid the tearing of muscles and tissue surrounding the spine.

After-surgery area

After your procedure, Laser Spine Institute’s nursing staff will help you get to our comfortable recovery area. This is when our medical staff will monitor your vitals and ensure your comfort during your immediate recovery after surgery. Once you are reunited with your Care Partner, a nurse will explain your recovery guidelines and discharge you from our facility. If you have any questions during your recovery, please do not hesitate to contact your SPINE LINE for assistance.