Dr. Perry Consultation

Founded in patient compassion

When I first met Dr. James St. Louis, we quickly discovered that we shared the same sentiment that the medical industry was void of minimally invasive procedures that help alleviate neck and back pain. After more than 25 years in the medical field, I have seen what that kind of pain can do to people. More than anything, I’ve seen how it can rob people of their time, careers and passions. And so, joined by another colleague — Dr. Glenn Hamburg — Dr. St. Louis and I founded Laser Spine Institute to help people get back to the things they love most.

Since day one, our philosophy has been that our part in this process requires providing more than just a diagnosis; it requires getting to know our patients on a deeper level and understanding how their pain affects their individual lives. We thought, and continue to believe, that it is our responsibility as physicians to provide alternatives to traditional open spinal surgery that requires a painful, lengthy recovery.

Since its founding in March 2005, Laser Spine Institute has been an industry leader in quality care, and our patient-centered model has enabled us to help more than 75,000 patients Stand Tall again. To continue leading this charge requires innovation and change, which is why we’re so excited about our new corporate headquarters and ambulatory surgery center. Our new corporate headquarters and surgery center is located just minutes from Tampa International Airport, and sits steps from several comfortably-appointed hotels, making travel to see us easier than ever. Patient feedback is the cornerstone of the facility’s creation and that input has directly translated into improvements that future patients will see and feel.

One of the improvements I’m most excited about is the facility’s floor plan that removes the hassle of traversing multiple floors. The new layout considers the limitations of our patients first and foremost, but also allows a more efficient workspace for our physicians, giving them more time to build relationships and ensure positive patient experiences. The facility also connects our administrative and medical operations under one roof which means less time is spent checking in and more time is spent with your team and support group.

This new facility is the physical embodiment of our desire to improve the lives of those struggling with chronic neck and back pain, providing them with relief that will allow them to live a happier, healthier life. Our patients will leave with a renewed ability to play with a grandchild or resume a hobby they never thought they’d be able to enjoy again. For us, that’s the most fulfilling part of our jobs.


Michael Perry, M.D.
Chief Medical Director and Co-Founder