Making the decision to have surgery is never easy. It’s why we provide potential patients with the facts they need to make an informed choice. By disclosing information on our surgical outcomes and patient experiences, we ensure the highest level of transparency for our patients and their loved ones. It is our hope the findings listed in the research below will help you make the decision that’s best for you.

99 percent patient recommendation rate

This rate is based on the favorable percentage calculation from patient surveys conducted by a third-party vendor in 2014. Surveys were sent to all patients with valid email addresses within three days of treatment, and 3,728 “recommend facility” responses were recorded. Patients were asked on a four-point scale if they agreed or disagreed that they would recommend Laser Spine Institute to friends and family, and 98.7 percent of all patients who responded indicated that they agreed or strongly agreed.

Patient satisfaction score of 96

This score is based on results from patient satisfaction surveys conducted by a third-party vendor between September 2014 and February 2015. Surveys containing questions regarding satisfaction in the categories of “facility,” “people,” “personal” and “processes” were sent to all patients with valid email addresses within three days of treatment, and 2,146 surveys were returned. The scored responses to the 28-item survey were totaled and divided by the number of responses to equal an average score of 96 out of 100.

Patient testimonials

Some level of improvement was reported by 90.8 percent of patients. The average improvement reported was 64 percent. These figures were calculated from three-month postoperative survey responses collected from 7/1/15 to 6/30/16. Patients who completed their survey outside of a two-week window were removed from the sample, as were patients who entered an inconsistent character or any value over 100.

4 percent complication rate

Laser Spine Institute complication rates are calculated quarterly and are based on the number of reported events divided by the number of completed surgeries. Complication rate may include categories such as postoperative infections and neurological deficits, hospital transfers, hematomas, wrong procedures, returns to surgery and patient injuries in the facility. Our medical staff constantly monitors events to identify specific trends and potential issues.

0.38 percent infection rate

Surgical site infection (SSI) rates are calculated quarterly and are based on the number of confirmed surgical site infections reported to all Laser Spine Institute surgery centers divided by the number of completed surgeries. Laser Spine Institute follows the guidelines defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for classifying a surgical site infection.

Laser Spine Institute’s minimally invasive spine procedures are a safer and effective alternative to traditional open back procedures.

Statistical analysis of patient reported outcomes in spine journals below suggest that minimally invasive spine surgery is as effective as traditional open back or neck surgery.

Industry research further supports that minimally invasive spine surgery is safer than traditional open neck or back surgery because it has shown that infection rates and complication rates are lower with minimally invasive techniques.

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Laser Spine Institute is the nation’s leader in minimally invasive spine surgery

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reports total discharges for inpatient spine surgery in 2014 for the largest provider performed as 997 spine surgeries. On average, since 2014 Laser Spine Institute has consistently performed more than 1,000 spine surgeries per month.

No lengthy recovery. Patients are encouraged to walk the day of surgery.

Individual spine conditions, treatment and recovery times may vary. Each patient’s experience with minimally invasive spine surgery will differ.