Inside the Oklahoma City center

Nestled conveniently close to the Will Rogers World airport and set against the backdrop of the Martin Park Nature Center, our Laser Spine Institute Oklahoma City location has raised the standards of care in our world-class surgery center. Come experience our environment of compassion and care as we help patients find relief from chronic neck and back pain.

Welcome to our Laser Spine Institute Oklahoma City location.

4727 Gaillardia Parkway, Suite 150
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73142

Laser Spine Institute stands out as the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery for our community of care and compassion. We believe that everyone who walks through our doors is part of our Laser Spine Institute family, and we treat them with the respect and sincerity that a family member deserves. To date, Laser Spine Institute has helped more than 75,000 patients recapture their lives from chronic neck or back pain. With our Oklahoma City location, Laser Spine Institute is making our leadership and spinal health expertise easily accessible to patients in the central United States.

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Waiting area

You will begin your path to wellness by checking in at the waiting area of our Oklahoma City surgery center. Our Care Team will help you throughout your patient experience and will direct you to your daily appointments, as well as give you information about surrounding activities and accommodations during your stay in Oklahoma City.

Clinic exam room

Laser Spine Institute’s Oklahoma City surgery center features 6 clinical exam rooms where you will have your initial consultation and all necessary pre and postoperative appointments during your time at our facility. We encourage you to allow your Care Partner to accompany you in these rooms while you review your MRI with the physician or receive your physical exam so your Care Partner can ask questions about what to expect during your postoperative recovery period.

Patient Café

Our patients deserve a comfortable, relaxing place to sit and rest in between appointments with our physicians. You can take a moment to relax with your family or Care Partner in our patient café. Enjoy refreshments, as well as free Wi-Fi for you to browse the Internet. This space is designed to be an area to decompress throughout your patient experience at Laser Spine Institute.

Preoperative area

On the day of your surgery at our Oklahoma City surgery center, you will be escorted to our preoperative area. In this area, you will meet your surgeon and anesthesiologist. Your surgical procedure will be reviewed and you will be prepared for surgery. If you have any additional questions, your surgeon can answer them at this time.

Operating room

Laser Spine Institute has state-of-the-art operating rooms that include the latest advancements in technology. Our surgeons are able to perform minimally invasive spine surgeries through a small, 1-inch incision with the help of our high definition magnification and direct visualization tools. Our skilled surgeons are the reason why Laser Spine Institute is the leader in minimally invasive surgery.

Postoperative area

Once your surgery is completed, you will be moved to our postoperative area for monitoring and recovery. This area is specifically designed to allow our skilled medical staff to carefully watch your vitals and ensure you are comfortable immediately after your surgery. Once you have been cleared to leave, you and your Care Partner will be given instructions about your recovery period and can return home or to your hotel for the evening. Most patients feel well enough to go to dinner just hours after surgery.