Exercises after minimally invasive spine surgery

After undergoing minimally invasive spine surgery it would be easy to assume that bed rest is your top priority. While it is very important not to strain or overexert yourself while recovering, you should actually be trying to resume normal activities as soon as possible. Too much rest could cause a loss of flexibility, muscle atrophy, reduced strength and weight gain. All of these factors can put increased stress on the spine during the healing process.

Recommendations from Laser Spine Institute’s physical therapy consultants

The Physical Therapy Consultants at Laser Spine Institute have designed a program of postoperative stretches and exercises made specifically for our patients who have undergone a minimally invasive spine stabilization procedure. These exercises are broken down into two general categories: Level 1 exercises are meant to be performed in the second and third weeks following spinal surgery, and Level 2 exercises are designed for patients in their sixth week of recovery.

Level 1 exercises are extremely gentle and are aimed at gradually increasing core strength as a means of adding support to the spine. Deep breathing and abdominal bracing are examples of basic exercises designed for lumbar stabilization recovery. Shoulder circles, shoulder shrugs and neck mobility rotations are aimed at helping you if you have undergone a cervical stabilization.

Level 2 exercises for the lower back gradually build strength in the arms, legs and spine through bridging, nerve glides and versions of the hook-lying exercise. Level 2 exercises for the neck include strengthening and range-of-motion exercises.

Other postoperative considerations

It is very important to follow your postoperative care instructions from Laser Spine Institute closely. Our Patient Support Representatives and Physical Therapy Consultants are always here to answer any questions you may have about the recovery process after surgery. You should also stay in close communication with your primary care physician so that he or she can monitor your progress.

Laser Spine Institute is the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery because we take patient-centered care very seriously, from the first consultation through recovery. To learn more about the recovery process following a minimally invasive spine stabilization procedure, or to see if any of our procedures can help you find relief from your neck or back pain, contact our Care Team today.