Medical Intake Department overview

Did you know Laser Spine Institute’s Medical Intake Team was created to work with your doctors to help ensure your safety during your care with us? It’s a service you won’t find at most other outpatient spine surgery providers and one we’re proud to offer.

Seventy percent of minimally invasive spine surgery candidates are sent through the Medical Intake Department. Our dedicated team of nurses and support staff work side by side with you and your health care providers to gather and assess your medical history, health concerns and medications. We partner with you and your doctors to better understand your health history and unique medical concerns. Once we’ve received your medical information, our team of specialized doctors reviews it prior to your arrival. Our nurses will then let you know if you need additional testing before your visit.

We understand you may be in pain. That’s why we’ll work as quickly as possible to move you through the intake process. Having access to your information allows us to provide safe, patient-centered care when you’re here and throughout the entire process. Because your safety is our priority, our physicians will determine final candidacy for surgery once you arrive at our facility and give you a personalized treatment plan. Our attention to detail helps ensure that each patient receives the appropriate care and the best possible outcome. We have a patient satisfaction score of 96 and patient recommendation score of 97 out of 100.^ With our minimally invasive decompression surgeries, 81 percent of our patients return to work within three months of surgery and 88 percent return to daily activities in three months.

Our culture of care is what sets Laser Spine Institute apart from other health care providers. It begins with how we treat our patients and co-workers — like they are part of our family. Caring for our patients means keeping your health and safety a top priority, and it’s what allows us to provide exceptional care. Our dedication to minimally invasive procedures has made Laser Spine Institute the largest spine surgery center in the world. This advantage grows every week, as Laser Spine Institute continues to help patients — more than 75,000 to date — get their lives back.

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