What is the estimated recovery time after minimally invasive herniated disc surgery?

What is the estimated recovery time after minimally invasive herniated disc surgery?

You may be wondering what your estimated recovery time is after minimally invasive herniated disc surgery. Every patient, herniated disc and circumstance is different. If one of your most pressing concerns is about returning to your job, how soon you are able to go back will depend largely on what kind of work you do. That said, just because your career isn’t in a profession that involves physical labor, like construction, it does not necessarily mean that you can return to work right away.

What to expect during recovery from a herniated disc surgery

Some patients who undergo minimally invasive spine procedures at Laser Spine Institute report improvement the same day as their operation, while 88 percent report returning to daily activities within three months after surgery.^ In the immediate aftermath of your minimally invasive spine procedure, you will almost certainly experience some pain and inflammation related to the incision. Your status will be closely monitored for a short period of time before you are given the freedom to move around.

How you feel on the day of your procedure is not necessarily an indication of what you can expect for a recovery time after minimally invasive herniated disc surgery. Your surgeon and physician can give you a more precise expectation of recovery, but 81 percent of our decompression patients return to work within three months.^ You may find that your recovery period is shorter or longer, again, depending on the kind of work you do and on your individual rate of recovery.

Set reasonable expectations

One way to avoid disappointment as you work your way back to full activity is to avoid setting unrealistic expectations. Remember that everyone heals at a different rate and the important thing is to follow your post-surgical instructions to the letter. To find out if you might be a candidate for minimally invasive herniated disc surgery, reach out to Laser Spine Institute today.

Laser Spine Institute is the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery and has helped more than 75,000 patients find relief from chronic neck or back pain. Contact our dedicated team today and ask for a no-cost MRI review* to determine if our procedures would be effective in relieving your chronic herniated disc symptoms.

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