How long does surgery take for a herniated disc?

A herniated disc can be a difficult condition to live with, but a very large number of patients are able to achieve relief and a good quality of life without resorting to surgery. By working with your doctor to develop a nonsurgical treatment plan that combines regular exercise and a healthy diet with options like physical therapy, medication and spinal injections, this condition can be manageable.

Herniated disc surgery can become a serious consideration if symptoms no longer respond to conservative treatment and chronic pain begins to interfere with everyday activities and relationships. Deciding to undergo spine surgery is a difficult decision to make and there are many factors that a potential patient should weigh in this process.

A common concern is how long herniated disc surgery can take and the risks that can be associated with a lengthy traditional open spine procedure. By learning about the factors that can determine how long a surgical procedure takes, you can take a more active role as you work with a prospective surgeon to answer this complex question.

Factors that can affect the length of herniated disc surgery

There are a number of reasons why it is difficult to determine a general length for herniated disc surgery. The length of a particular surgery varies from patient to patient and it is often hard for a surgeon to even estimate until he or she begins the procedure. How long a herniated disc surgery takes can depend on the following:

  • Type of procedure. There are many different surgical procedures and approaches for herniated disc surgery. For example, a complex traditional open spine fusion will typically take longer than a minimally invasive decompression procedure.
  • Experience and skill of the surgeon. A highly skilled surgeon who has performed a specific procedure many times may require less time than a less-experienced or non-specialized surgeon.
  • Severity of the condition. A severely herniated disc, or an unexpected problem in the spine, can lengthen the time of surgery.

Other factors may include a patient’s current state of health or any previous surgeries that have been performed on the spine or elsewhere.

Streamlined patient care at Laser Spine Institute

At Laser Spine Institute our board-certified surgeons+ specialize exclusively in performing minimally invasive spine surgery to treat conditions including herniated discs. By using muscle-sparing techniques we are able to perform our procedures on an outpatient basis at our state-of-the-art facilities across the United States. Our entire staff is committed to patient-centered care and people who come to us for help can expect a thorough discussion of their condition, the recommended procedure and what to expect before, during and after surgery. Contact our caring and dedicated team today to learn more.

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