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At Laser Spine Institute we are committed to patient-centered care. A big part of that means making sure people with neck or back pain have been properly educated about the causes of their symptoms and the treatment options available. If you’re a resident of Fort Worth, TX, and you’ve been experiencing chronic neck or back pain that has not improved with conservative treatments, you may be interested in exploring the minimally invasive outpatient surgery performed at Laser Spine Institute as a treatment option. If so, you may want to reserve a time to meet with a Laser Spine Institute spine specialist at one of our regional surgery centers. We provide these one-on-one medical consultation opportunities so that patients can learn more about their specific spine condition and treatment options. When you contact Laser Spine Institute, our team can help you identify the most convenient consultation location and reserve a time for you.

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What to bring to your consultation with a Laser Spine Institute doctor

When you meet with a spine specialist from Laser Spine Institute, you’ll need to bring a copy of your recent MRI for the doctor to review. The doctor will also want to discuss the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, so you may find it helpful to bring some notes about when and how they started and whether they limit your daily activities in any way. Also, if you’ve previously consulted with other physicians about your neck or back pain, the Laser Spine Institute doctor will be interested in the results of those consultations and any treatments that you tried.

In the event that our spine specialist determines you are a potential candidate for our minimally invasive outpatient procedures, you will also want to be prepared with questions you may have about our surgeons and state-of-the-art surgery centers.

During our spine consultations you can expect:

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Minimally invasive spine surgery at Laser Spine Institute is a safer and effective alternative to traditional open neck or back procedures, offering our patients a shorter recovery time and less risk of complication.^ We are also happy to provide a free MRI review* over the phone to determine if you are a potential candidate for one of our procedures.

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