Neck and back consultations for Republic, Missouri patients

Searching for neck or back pain relief? Laser Spine Institute serves patients from the Republic area

While many adults are able to experience relief from neck or back pain through conservative solutions like physical therapy and pain medication, others require more extensive treatment, such as surgery. In these instances, Laser Spine Institute offers a less invasive alternative to traditional open spine operations. Neck and back pain sufferers in Republic, Missouri, are invited to attend medical consultations with doctors from Laser Spine Institute, during which prospective patients can learn if they are candidates for our minimally invasive procedures.

In addition to on-site consultations at our regional surgery centers, including our beautiful St. Louis facility, our doctors also travel to the offices of Preferred Providers in our Total Spine Care Network. This is our growing partnership with conservative therapy practitioners who share our passion for delivering exceptional care. We don't currently have any providers in Republic, but our caring team will be happy to help you set up a consultation at the location nearest to you.

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What to expect at a Laser Spine Institute consultation

At Laser Spine Institute, we know that living with chronic pain can affect every aspect of your life, making normal activities difficult. If you’re in the Republic area, we'll be glad tell you where the nearest consultation center is and help you reserve your appointment. When you meet with one of our doctors for a personal consultation, we'll listen to your concerns and questions to help you better understand your condition.

During our spine consultations you can expect:

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In the event that you are considered a potential candidate for treatment at Laser Spine Institute, you will be provided with all the information you’ll need to take your next steps. 

No consultations near you? We’re also happy to perform a free MRI review* over the phone to determine whether you are a potential candidate for our procedures. We’re committed to delivering excellent care and are proud to have helped thousands of patients find relief since 2005.

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