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Spine care patients in Liberty, Missouri, can discuss their particular symptoms one-on-one with a doctor from Laser Spine Institute at a medical consultation. We offer these consultations to patients who have been enduring chronic neck or back pain and wish to explore the possibility of minimally invasive surgery from Laser Spine Institute as a treatment option.

In addition to consultations held at our facilities, including our center in nearby St. Louis, our doctors are also traveling to the offices of providers in our Total Spine Care Network. Although we don't currently have any providers in beautiful Liberty, we'll be glad to help you find the consultation center that is most convenient for you.

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What to expect at your consultation appointment

If you register for a spine consultation hosted by Laser Spine Institute you’ll be asked to bring a recent MRI or CT scan for review by the consult doctor. You should also bring notes about your symptoms, including when they started and how they have progressed, and a list of nonsurgical treatments you have tried, if any, such as rest, targeted exercises and pain medication, and the extent to which these eased the symptoms of your neck or back condition.

During our spine consultations you can expect:

Exceptional care at Laser Spine Institute

At the end of the off-site medical consultation, if it is determined if you could be a candidate for one of the minimally invasive outpatient procedures performed at Laser Spine Institute, you’ll receive valuable information about this treatment option. We’ll also share information about the advantages of minimally invasive surgery at Laser Spine Institute over traditional open neck and back surgery, including a lower risk of complication and no lengthy recovery.^

In addition to in-person consultations, we're also happy to provide a free MRI review* over the phone to determine if you are a potential candidate for one of our procedures.

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