Back and neck pain consultations for Minneapolis, Minnesota patients

Minneapolis residents can learn how to meet with a Laser Spine Institute doctor

At Laser Spine Institute we are committed to patient-centered care and a big part of that is making sure patients are educated about their condition and the treatment options available. Since we know that traveling can be difficult if you are dealing with neck and back pain, our physicians are traveling across the country to host off-site consultations with back and neck specialists in our Total Spine Care Network. This is our rapidly expanding roster of providers who share our passion for changing lives and includes Preferred Providers who have attended special training events with our experts.

Although we don’t have a Total Spine Care Network member in Minneapolis right now, we still want to help residents learn about their condition and available treatments. To do this, we have a number of ways to help patients meet with a Laser Spine Institute doctor.

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What to expect at your off-site medical consultation appointment

If you live in Minneapolis and a spine condition is preventing you from enjoying everything this beautiful and exciting city has to offer, we can help you find the consultation location nearest you and reserve your appointment. In addition to traveling consultations, we're also always hosting consultations at our outpatient surgery centers located across the United States. When you attend, you will meet face to face with one of our spine physicians to learn more about the causes of your neck or back pain. 

During our spine consultations you can expect:

Patient-centered care at Laser Spine Institute

When patients come to Laser Spine Institute, they can expect a streamlined experience and exceptional care from our entire team. Our highly skilled surgeons can access the spine with a less than 1-inch incision, which allows our procedures to offer a shorter recovery time with less risk of complication compared to traditional open spine surgery. In addition to our in-person consultations, we’re happy to provide a free over-the-phone review of your MRI* to help you find out if you are a potential candidate for one of our procedures. 

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