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Residents of Taylor Mill, KY, can find relief from chronic neck or back pain

Symptoms from spine conditions such as a herniated disc or a bone spur can make it difficult to enjoy the people and activities you love. The caring team at Laser Spine Institute is committed to helping people get their life back from chronic pain by learning about their condition and the full range of treatments available. If you would like to learn about your condition and the treatment options that might be available, you are encouraged to visit one of our regional centers for a personal consultation with a Laser Spine Institute physician. If your pain has made travel difficult, you can also receive a free MRI review* over the phone. 

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What to expect at your consultation appointment

At your consultation appointment you can meet personally with a physician from Laser Spine Institute who can provide information about your condition. He or she will review your latest MRI to better understand the cause of your symptoms, and you will likely be asked about their location and severity and any treatments you attempted previously.

During our spine consultations you can expect:

Why patients choose Laser Spine Institute

Laser Spine Institute is the nation’s leader in minimally invasive spine surgery,^ and we have helped thousands of patients find relief from chronic neck or back pain, allowing them to return to a normal, active lifestyle. 

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