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No one wants to live with chronic neck or back pain. The toll it can take on your quality of life can be erosive at best, and devastating at worst. At Laser Spine Institute, we have helped thousands of patients regain their mobility and rejoin friends and family members in favorite activities they once feared were forever out of reach. Our minimally invasive surgeries treat pain caused by spinal narrowing, annular tears, ruptured discs, bone spurs and more. If you have ever wondered whether you might be a potential candidate for one of our procedures, you can visit one of our regional centers to consult with a Laser Spine Institute physician. If traveling is not a viable option, you can receive a free MRI review* over the phone.

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What to expect during your personal consultation

If you travel to a regional center for an in-person consultation, our doctor will gather as much information as possible about your condition, which is why we require that you bring a copy of your latest MRI for review. You can also expect a series of questions about your medical history, including any orthopedic specialists you’ve seen in the past for your neck or back pain and what, if any, treatments they recommended, where your pain is located, what activities trigger or worsen your discomfort, whether your symptoms include tingling or numbness and if your pain fluctuates during the course of the day and any long-term medications you may be taking in order to manage your symptoms, as well as any medications you’ve taken in the past.

During our spine consultations you can expect:

If the doctor determines that you could be a candidate for one of the procedures performed by the spine surgeons at Laser Spine Institute

Our physician may also perform a brief exam of your spine and lower extremities. At the conclusion of your consultation, you’ll receive an expert opinion about which treatment options would be worth pursuing. These options may include one of the minimally invasive surgeries offered at Laser Spine Institute.

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