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At Laser Spine Institute, we believe that every patient living with chronic spine pain should have access to as much information as possible so that he or she can make the best decisions about treatment options. That’s why we proudly offer one-on-one consultations with our neck and back specialists at our various surgery centers. During these consultations, patients can learn more about their spine conditions and explore potential treatment options, which might include our minimally invasive spine surgeries. Or, if your spine pain makes it difficult to travel outside of the Jeffersontown, Kentucky, area, we also offer free MRI reviews* by phone.

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What to expect during a consultation

During the consultation, you’ll be able to discuss your condition and medical history in detail, ask questions and voice concerns. Our doctor will then review your MRI and ask a series of questions in order to better understand the causes of your pain and the extent of your symptoms.

During our spine consultations you can expect:

If we determine that you could be a candidate for the procedures performed by the spine surgeons at Laser Spine Institute

In order to better facilitate an open discussion with our doctor, it may be helpful to write down all pertinent information so you can have it handy during your consultation. Afterward, our physician will offer advice about which therapies and treatment options might help you achieve lasting pain relief, including whether or not you’d be a good candidate for our minimally invasive spine surgeries. If you are a candidate, you can feel confident knowing that the spine specialists at Laser Spine Institute have helped thousands of patients find relief. Please call us today to schedule a consultation at one of our surgery centers.

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