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If you’re from Melbourne, Florida, and you’re experiencing constant neck or back pain, Laser Spine Institute is here to help. We proudly offer in-person consultations at our various surgery centers across the United States, including the one in Tampa, FL. When you schedule a time to meet one on one with one of our neck and back specialists, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about what’s causing your pain, then discuss some ideas for how to relieve your symptoms. We’ll even let you know whether you’re a candidate for our minimally invasive spine surgery. If you’re interested in attending one of these consultations, you can call us to schedule one at a date and time that works well for you. Or, if you’ve found that neck or back pain makes it difficult to travel, we also offer free MRI reviews* by phone.

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What to expect during an in-person consultation

The appointment will begin with our physician asking you about your symptoms and lifestyle. You can expect questions about your medical history, any orthopedic spine doctors or other specialists you have seen, your current diet and exercise and any daily activities you perform. The doctor will also ask about any activities that may worsen or ease your symptoms, as well as the treatment options you have already tried and their effectiveness at reducing your symptoms. He or she will then review your MRI to help you understand the possible sources of your pain.

During our spine consultations you can expect:

If we determine that you could be a candidate for the procedures performed by the spine surgeons at Laser Spine Institute

Our physician will discuss a series of treatments based on the information shared, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about your condition and the treatments available to you, including surgery. Not everyone will be recommended for spine surgery. Many patients find relief through a series of conservative treatments and are able to avoid surgery altogether. However, some patients will be recommended for the minimally invasive spine surgery offered at Laser Spine Institute if conservative treatments have been ineffective. If you’re recommended for surgery, you can rest easy knowing that Laser Spine Institute has a proven track record of successful minimally invasive spine surgeries.^ Call us today to learn more and to schedule a consultation at one of our surgery centers.

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