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Patients from Margate, FL — attend a Laser Spine Institute consultation to learn more about your spine condition

If you’re from Margate, Florida, and you’ve been living with chronic neck or back pain for some time now, you’ve no doubt considered whether you might need spine surgery. This also raises the question of whether you might benefit from minimally invasive procedures, as opposed to traditional open surgery. Laser Spine Institute’s experts can help you answer those questions when you attend an in-person consultation at one of our surgery centers, including the one in Tampa, FL. If you’re interested in attending, you can call us to schedule a consultation. Or, if your pain makes it difficult to travel, we also offer free MRI reviews* by phone.

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What to expect at an in-person consultation

During your consultation, our spine specialist will spend some time talking with you about the history of your pain so that he or she can better understand your condition. Our doctor might ask you questions about when your pain began, whether there was a specific event that caused your pain and how your symptoms have evolved since then.

    During our spine consultations you can expect:

    If we determine that you could be a candidate for the procedures performed by the spine surgeons at Laser Spine Institute

    One of our specialists will also review your recent MRI results, so please be sure to bring a copy of those with you to the consultation. After evaluating your condition, our doctor will have a discussion with you about the treatment options that may be appropriate for your unique circumstances, including whether you may be a candidate for our minimally invasive spine surgeries. Our minimally invasive procedures are a safer and effective alternative to traditional open back procedures.^ To find out more, and to schedule a consultation at a date and time that’s convenient for you, please contact Laser Spine Institute.

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