Laser Spine Institute serves patients from Camp Verde, Arizona

Individuals with chronic neck or back pain from Camp Verde can attend a consultation with a physician at Laser Spine Institute’s surgery center

Camp Verde, Arizona, residents managing chronic neck or back pain can attend a medical consultation with a Laser Spine Institute doctor at our state-of-the-art surgery center in Scottsdale. Our physicians provide detailed information and expert advice to those who need it most, helping potential patients make confident and informed decisions about their spine health. 

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What to expect during your consultation

During your one-on-one meeting, your Laser Spine Institute doctor will review your most recent MRI, conduct a brief physical examination and discuss your medical history. Many patients find it helpful to write down a list of questions they’d like to ask during the consultation, as well as all the medications they’re currently taking, the specialists they’ve seen in the past concerning their condition and the treatments they’ve already attempted to alleviate their chronic pain. At the end of your consultation, the doctor will tell you if you’d be a good candidate for one of our minimally invasive outpatient surgery procedures. Our spine surgeons have helped thousands of patients find lasting relief from pain caused by common spine conditions, such as annular tears, pinched nerves, bone spurs, scoliosis, bulging discs, failed back surgery syndrome, spinal narrowing and more.

During our spine consultations you can expect:

If the doctor determines that you could be a candidate for one of the procedures performed by the spine surgeons at Laser Spine Institute

Not every patient will be recommended for surgery. Conservative approaches such as lifestyle changes, daily exercises, stretching, yoga and anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, naproxen and acetaminophen are often effective in managing chronic neck or back pain. If the doctor believes you would benefit from surgery, you’ll be provided detailed information about the procedure recommended for your condition. Contact Laser Spine Institute to learn more. We can also provide you with a free MRI review* over the phone. 

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