Explore our Laser Spine Institute surgery center in Cincinnati

Nestled across from Eden Park and set against the backdrop of the Ohio River, our Laser Spine Institute Cincinnati location is everything you would expect from a world-class surgery center. Your journey to recapturing your quality of life will be set in a scene of relaxation and comfort.

Welcome to Laser Spine Institute Cincinnati.

644 Eden Park Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45202

The facility

Our world-class surgery center in Cincinnati allows our Care Team to provide patient-centered care in a compassionate and comfortable environment. We believe that relaxation and happiness are key components to healing, which is why our facility is designed for your convenience and peace of mind. We offer a meditation and prayer room, as well as medical rooms for all of your preoperative and postoperative needs, including MRI imaging and postoperative recovery.

If you need anything during your time at our facility, our Hospitality Team is here to help you.

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Patient café

Our patient café is an area for you to relax and unwind in between doctor visits. Part of our patient-centered focus at Laser Spine Institute includes offering refreshments at the patient café, with snacks available at your request during the day. Throughout the café, you can enjoy watching television, playing a game or taking advantage of our complimentary Wi-Fi.

Scheduling area

The moment you walk through our doors, you will be greeted by a member of our Care Team and taken to the scheduling area. In the scheduling area, you will receive a welcome packet with information about your upcoming appointments and everything you need to know about your patient experience. We will also provide information about the surrounding Cincinnati area, including hotels that offer Laser Spine Institute discounts and promotional prices.
Our Care Team is here to guide you through every step of your patient experience.

Clinic exam room

Laser Spine Institute Cincinnati features two intake rooms and 10 clinical exam rooms. In these rooms, you will receive your initial consultation, as well as your preoperative and postoperative appointments with our physicians and surgeons.
We encourage you to bring your Care Partner to your examinations so you can both ask questions about what to expect during your upcoming procedure and recovery period.

MRI imaging suite

Some patients need additional MRI testing during their patient experience. This often occurs when the patient’s MRI test does not accurately reflect the patient’s current spine degeneration.

At Laser Spine Institute, we aim to provide effective, precise treatment for your spine condition. In order to assess your condition accurately, our surgeons and physicians will need MRI images that are less than six months old. Our Laser Spine Institute surgery center in Cincinnati offers an MRI imaging and reporting suite for your convenience. You can also receive an MRI report at a local medical facility.

In addition to MRI and X-ray images, our spinal diagnostic center can provide discograms, diagnostic facet injections and selective nerve root block injections.

Preoperative area

On the day of your surgery, you will meet with your surgeon and anesthesiologist in our preoperative care area. During this time, we encourage you to ask any additional questions about your surgery and recovery process. We understand that the moments leading up to your surgery can be stressful. We will make every effort to make you feel calm and comfortable during this time.

Operating room

Our Laser Spine Institute surgery center in Cincinnati offers three world-class operating rooms. In one of these three rooms, you will undergo your minimally invasive spine surgery to treat your spine condition.

We offer minimally invasive decompression and minimally invasive stabilization spine surgery. Our minimally invasive spine surgery is often the clinically appropriate first choice and provides many advantages versus open neck or back surgery, such as:

Postoperative area

After your surgery, you will be moved to our postoperative recovery area to rest and regain awareness from the anesthesia. In the postoperative area, you will meet with a registered nurse and your Care Partner to go over some requirements for your recovery period, such as certain activities to avoid and guidelines for a proper recovery.

Our minimally invasive spine surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures. That means after you recover in the postoperative area and speak with the registered nurse, you are free to go home or to your hotel room that evening, as long as you are under the supervision of your Care Partner.

If you have any questions about your patient experience at our Cincinnati surgery center, we encourage you to contact our Care Team for more information. We are happy to welcome you to our world-class Laser Spine Institute surgery center in Cincinnati.