Understanding a vertebroplasty procedure

Patients experiencing pain from a fractured vertebra may be recommended for vertebroplasty. During the vertebroplasty procedure, the surgeon inserts a medical cement mixture into the fractured vertebra in order to increase stability and diminish neck or back pain. The purpose of this procedure is to strengthen the stability and mobility of the vertebra while alleviating chronic pain. Read on to learn more about what a vertebroplasty procedure entails as well as the minimally invasive procedures available at Laser Spine Institute.

What to expect during a vertebroplasty surgery

During this procedure, the patient is under sedation and placed face down on the operating table. The surgeon then makes a small incision, inserting the needle containing the medical cement mixture. Once the needle is in place, the surgeon will inject the mixture into the fractured vertebra. The cement mixture is fast setting and typically dries within one to two hours. Though vertebroplasty is proven to assist some patients suffering from fractured vertebrae, it is important to understand that not all patients with these conditions will require vertebroplasty.

Minimally invasive vertebroplasty

Often, patients experiencing this type of pain may find relief from conservative treatments such as pain medication and physical therapy. It is often recommended that patients exhaust those treatments before considering any type of surgery. However, if your pain persists after several weeks or months of conservative treatment, then a vertebroplasty may be recommended. If this is the case for you, contact Laser Spine Institute to learn how our minimally invasive spine surgery can help you find lasting relief.

Similar to a kyphoplasty, minimally invasive vertebroplasty is performed in conjunction with other procedures when deemed necessary by the surgeon. Our procedures are a safer and effective alternative to traditional open spine surgery^ and have helped more than 75,000 patients find relief from their chronic neck or back pain. Instead of unnecessarily cutting through the muscles surrounding the spine, our surgeons focus on moving the muscles aside to avoid disruption.

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