Questions to ask your surgeon before surgery

Deciding that surgery is the right option for you is never an easy decision. However, after exhausting all other conservative treatments, you may find yourself ready to start looking into surgeons and different types of surgery. Once you have decided to look into surgery , the best way to become educated is by asking questions. Knowing what to ask is the key in choosing the right surgery for you and your lifestyle.

What should you ask?

The first step in the process is determining whether or not surgery is really the best option for you. After you and your physician have come to an agreement, it is time to look for a surgeon. Finding the best spine surgeon is a critical step in your road to recovery. Here are a few questions to ask when you are looking for a surgeon:

  • What procedures are available to treat your condition? Which of these would be his recommendation for you?
  • What are his surgical outcomes? How many of these procedures has he performed?
  • What alternative can he recommend before surgery?
  • Can he explain the procedure to you?
  • What will this procedure do to benefit you?
  • Are there risks of complication? If so, what are the risks and complications?
  • Can I choose to not undergo surgery? If so, what will my condition be like in 5 years?
  • Directly after this procedure, how should I expect to feel?
  • What type of hospital stay accompanies this type of procedure?
  • What will my recovery be like? Will I need physical therapy? How soon can I return to work?
  • Where would you recommend that I get a second opinion?
  • Do you have a referral list of past patients that I can speak with?

These questions should serve as a foundation for your search for the perfect surgeon, and perfect procedure, for you and your lifestyle. Remember, you are entitled to be educated on your condition and the procedures offered to you.

It is beneficial to understand that even the top traditional open neck and back surgeons cannot avoid the invasiveness and long recovery that accompanies a traditional open surgery. If you are interested in learning more about what minimally invasive procedures you may be a candidate for, contact Laser Spine Institute today.