Sports injury rehabilitation

Sports injury rehabilitation is the recovery process used to help patients regain strength and return to a normal, active lifestyle after a sports-related injury. These injuries can range from the trauma of a broken bone suffered on the football field to a relatively minor strained muscle sustained on the local golf course. Regardless of the specific condition, rehabilitation is an essential component of overcoming the injury and regaining full function in the affected part of the body. For some individuals this can be as complicated as learning to walk again, while for others rehabilitation is as simple as deep tissue massage.

Sports injury rehabilitation is diverse in its application because it can be used both to prevent surgery and to facilitate the recovery from a surgery. In the case of neck or back pain, a licensed physical therapist is often able to relax, stretch and strengthen supporting muscles, which relieves pain in the short term and can help prevent re-injury. Meanwhile, rehabilitation is also an essential component of postoperative recovery – whether the patient had a minor outpatient procedure or a major procedure like traditional open spine surgery.

Types of therapy

Some of the most common forms of sports injury rehabilitation include:

  • Pool therapy – the natural viscosity of water adds an element of resistance to normal workouts. The warm water of the pool promotes blood flow and makes exercise more comfortable and effective.
  • Massage therapy – deep tissue massage is an effective way to relax tense neck and back muscles that often cause pain.
  • Heat/cold therapy – hot packs promote healing while ice packs reduce swelling.
  • Spinal stabilization exercises

The only way to know what kind of physical therapy is right for you is to visit your physician for a complete medical review. Sports injury rehabilitation may be just what you need to overcome your injury, or it might be an integral part of your healing process after surgical treatment.