Massage therapy techniques for neck or back pain relief

If neck or back pain is lowering your quality of life, massage therapy can be an effective conservative treatment. Back pain is something nearly all of us experience at some point in life, but there are treatment options to help you find relief.

For most, the pain is minor and usually goes away with rest or over-the-counter medication. For neck or back pain that has become more severe or persistent, massage therapy can help by relieving tension in the muscles surrounding the spine, increasing blood flow, endorphin levels and mobility.

How massage therapy can help with pain

Massage therapy seeks to give you pain relief by manipulating your muscles and other soft tissues. In situations where back pain is primarily muscular in origin, releasing the source of tension fixes the pulling that causes pain and inhibits movement. Specific techniques of massage therapy consist of varying pressure being placed on muscle groups in the neck and back. A massage therapist uses their fingers, hands and even elbows to introduce just the right amount of pressure to help relieve tension against the pinched nerve in your spine.

One surprising benefit of massage therapy is that it can help to identify exact sources of the pain if a particularly sore spot causes a patient to cry out. While one or two sessions can feel very helpful in the short term, massage therapy often requires numerous sessions over several weeks before lasting relief is achieved.

Treatment options

In addition to massage, there are many other conservative treatments for back pain that are proven to be helpful. Always consult your doctor to find a course of treatment that is best for you. Common options include:

  • Pool therapy
  • Lumbar stabilization exercise
  • Hot or cold packs
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain medication, anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants
  • Chiropractic care
  • Healthy diet and weight management
  • Posture improvement

If several months of massage therapy or other methods haven’t brought the pain relief you require, contact Laser Spine Institute. Our caring team can tell you how our minimally invasive decompression and minimally invasive stabilization spine surgeries can help free you from chronic neck or back pain.

We are happy to offer a no-cost MRI or CT scan review* to determine if you are a potential candidate for one of our procedures.