What qualifications to look for in a spine surgeon in Oklahoma City, OK

Selecting a spine surgeon serving the Oklahoma City, OK area might seem like a daunting task at first, but when you know what to look for, it becomes significantly easier to determine whether you can trust a surgeon to operate on your spine. To better prepare yourself, read the following article for questions to ask a spine surgeon and warning signs to watch out for before making your final decision.

Questions to ask a spine surgeon in Oklahoma City

In addition to learning the basics about your potential spine surgeon in Oklahoma City, including their educational background and years of experience, you should also ask a few questions to get some important information from the candidate, such as:

  • Are you board certified to operate on the spine? If the surgeon answers yes, it often indicates that he or she has undergone at least a year of spine surgery training in addition to their other surgical residency requirements.
  • How much of your work involves spinal components? As in many areas of medical science, spine surgical procedures are constantly evolving to include new technologies and techniques. A surgeon who operates on the spine more than half the time is more likely to be familiar with these updates than a surgeon who focuses on other areas of the body.
  • How successful are your procedures? Ask to see statistics reflecting the results of the procedures that the surgeon has performed, including the number of procedures performed and the percentage of them that were successful.

Red flags to watch for when selecting a spine surgeon in Oklahoma City

While you’re learning about a surgeon’s past record and experience, it’s also important to pay attention to potential warning signs. In rare instances, you might encounter a surgeon who tries to discourage you from asking for a second opinion from other surgeons — a restriction that runs counter to a medical professional’s duty to help you find the best treatment for your needs.

In addition to this issue, also be sure to watch for any unanswered questions. If you have a concern but have second thoughts about bringing it up to the surgeon, you likely aren’t comfortable enough with him or her performing a surgical procedure on your spine. By the same token, if you ask a question or raise a concern and the surgeon doesn’t answer it to your liking, you might want to look to another health care provider.

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