Minimally invasive spine surgery as an alternative to open spine surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery is an exciting alternative to open neck and back surgery and at Laser Spine Institute, we’re proud to be the leading provider of this state-of-the-art approach in America. Our highly experienced team of surgeons specializes in procedures that are designed to address the symptoms that commonly arise from herniated discs, facet disease, spinal stenosis and other degenerative spine conditions. Yet, unlike open spine surgery, these procedures are completed on an outpatient basis and do not come with nearly the risks for postsurgical complications as traditional open neck and back procedures.

The benefits to minimally invasive procedures

One of the main benefits of the procedures that we offer at Laser Spine Institute is that they are designed to be as minimally invasive as possible. Where open neck and back surgery requires a large incision and significant collateral damage to the soft tissue around the spine, our procedures require small incisions and internal soft tissue is pushed aside rather than cut. This results in a:

  • Procedure that is much quicker in design than open spine operations
  • Less arduous postsurgical recovery and rehabilitation period§
  • Smaller chance for postsurgical complications, such as infection and excessive scar tissue formation
  • Sterling patient satisfaction rate of 96
  • Procedure that can be completed in our comfortable surgery center instead of a cold and uncomfortable hospital setting

What to expect at Laser Spine Institute

Our state-of-the-art procedures have helped thousands of patients reclaim their lives from chronic neck or back pain. In the event that several weeks or months of non-surgical treatment has failed to deliver the lasting results that you would expect and you are beginning to consider your surgical options, consider the numerous advantages to a minimally invasive spine surgery. To learn whether you might be a candidate for one of our procedures, contact us today and receive an initial review of your MRI or CT scan.