Staying Active in the Winter

Staying active in the winter can be a challenge. In the summer, you can keep busy playing golf and tennis, going for a run or just enjoying the great outdoors, but come winter, the natural instinct for many people is to hunker down and wait for spring. The problem is that becoming sedentary isn’t healthy and can lead to a number of problems, including neck and back pain. The trick is finding a way to keep an active lifestyle that you enjoy.

Ideas for keeping busy

  • Go for a walk anyway – while it might be cold out, trudging through the snow is great exercise, keeps your heart rate up and can be extremely refreshing once you’re bundled up. Just be careful to wear proper footwear and avoid slippery areas.
  • Take up skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or another winter sport – these sports are a lot of fun and can actually make you look forward to the winter.
  • Crank up the music and dance – even if you’re home alone, dancing can be a great release and keep your blood pumping.
  • Join a gym – making use of exercise equipment, cardio machines and stretching classes are all excellent options and a good way to avoid disc pain.
  • Visit an indoor pool – hydrotherapy or simply
    swimming a couple of laps is refreshing and fantastic exercise.
  • Do some housework – maybe not the most fun option, but giving the house a good cleaning is always a good way to keep busy.
  • Shovel the snow – this is great exercise, but just be sure to stretch properly, wear boots with good traction and practice proper lifting.
  • Head to the mall – a long walk in the mall is comfortable, good exercise and a chance to see plenty of interesting scenery to avoid boredom.

As we grow older, our spinal anatomy naturally begins to deteriorate. Herniated discs, pinched nerves, facet disease and a variety of other degenerative spine conditions are extremely common and are usually a result of nothing more than natural wear and tear. However, by staying active in the winter months as well as warmer months, you can keep your neck and back muscles strong and help prevent or limit neck or back pain. Plus, the winter months won’t seem as dreary when you’re having fun and keeping busy.