Posture — benefits of keeping a good posture for spine health

Keeping a good posture is about more than simply looking polite at the dinner table and standing tall during a conversation. Most people have been told at some point in life to keep a good posture, sit up straight, or stand up straight. While these things are important to do, the benefits of keeping a good posture extend beyond social politeness.

“Posture” refers to the position of a person’s body when sitting or standing (Oxford dictionary). Standing up tall and sitting with a straight back are important practices because keeping a good posture helps keep the components of your spine in line and reduces the stress placed on your spine. By making the simple adjustments of keeping a good posture, you are reducing your risk of developing a spine condition that could result in chronic pain and limited mobility.

Definition of “good posture”

You may have been told to keep good posture throughout your life, but do you have a full understanding of what the term “good posture” means?

Good posture is considered to keep the body parts aligned with neighboring body parts. For example, when standing, you should be able to draw a line from your ear, through the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle because all of the body parts would be in line with each other. When sitting, you should be able to draw a line from the ear lobe, through the shoulder and to the hip.

Benefits of keeping a good posture

The biggest benefit of maintaining a good posture is to strengthen the core muscles, which provides support and stability for the spine.

The spine, particularly the lumbar spine in the lower back, is responsible for supporting and stabilizing most of the body’s weight. Over time, as weight increases and bad posture strains the spine, the vertebrae in the spine become compressed and the discs and joints between the vertebrae gradually deteriorate. This typically leads to the development of degenerative spine conditions.

By sitting and standing with your body in alignment, you are strengthening the muscles in your core, which will aid the spine in supporting the weight of the body. This will help prevent future degeneration of the spine and the development of certain spine conditions.

Practice good posture daily to strengthen your core muscles and help promote spine health. For more tips on how to prevent future spine condition or how to treat a spine condition, contact our care team at Laser Spine Institute. We are the experts in spine health and we are confident we can help you STAND TALL*.