How to stay active while at home

Staying active while at home is often easier said than done. It commonly becomes routine to come home after a long day of work and sit down in front of the television or computer, or if you’re a stay-at-home parent, it is easy to get distracted with your other responsibilities and neglect your health. Regardless, living a healthy and active lifestyle is extremely important. To learn about the variety of ways to stay active without leaving the comfort of your home, read the following article.

Ways to keep busy around the house

  • Go for a long walk around the neighborhood — Walking is an excellent way to stay fit and promote good heart health.
  • Yard work — Weeding, mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes and spreading mulch are all great ways to keep your house looking beautiful and keep you healthy. Just be sure to stretch properly, learn proper lifting techniques and take frequent breaks so you don’t experience back pain afterward.
  • Household chores — Like yard work, household chores are an effective way to avoid becoming inactive and sedentary.
  • Play with the kids — Roughhousing in the yard, throwing the ball around or just using your imagination with your children is a lot of fun and surprisingly a good source of exercise.
  • Dance — Turning up the music and dancing, either alone or with a loved one, is an excellent cardio work out and an enjoyable activity.
  • Take a swim — If you have a pool, swimming a couple of laps is a great way to exercise; other water-related exercises are also a great way to build up strength and serve as a good form of rehabilitation.
  • Use exercise equipment — An investment into a weight bench, elliptical machine, treadmill or another type of exercise equipment is a great way to stay active at home. Just be sure to follow the given instructions and use the equipment correctly.
  • Workout around the house — Even if you don’t own exercise equipment, doing daily sit-ups and pushups, yoga training or working with an exercise ball can make for an extremely effective workout.

Becoming sedentary around the home weakens the muscles that support your neck and back and can lead to significant neck and back pain as well as increase your chance of developing a degenerative spine condition, such as foraminal stenosis, sciatica or a herniated disc. However, you’re taking an important step toward avoiding or limiting these painful conditions by staying active while at home. Just make sure you check with your physician before starting a new exercise routine.

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