Why a spine physician should teach you about spinal anatomy

In addition to learning about treatment, patients in Orlando seeking a spine physician should also expect to learn about their spinal anatomy and how it can cause pain. For many patients it only adds to the stress and anxiety to deal with significant discomfort and not know what is behind the problem. The spinal column is an extremely complicated part of the body and visiting a spine physician is an important step in diagnosing the problem, understanding your condition and preparing to treat your nagging symptoms.

How discs and joints contribute to spine conditions

In order to provide the strength, stability and flexibility that we require from our neck and back, a number of parts must work together in the spinal column. As your spine physician can explain, two of the most important components are the:

  • Spinal discs. These soft, spongy pads sit in the space between each vertebra and are shock absorbers for the spine. These discs prevent the bones from rubbing together and are flexible enough to allow our full range of motion in the spine.
  • Facet joints. These joints are the place where adjacent vertebrae connect. The joints, which are encapsulated with a thick lubricating fluid and a smooth coating of cartilage, not only provide spinal stability but also allow for movement.

These parts are so important because they allow for basic spinal movement, but that also means they are placed under tremendous stress on a daily basis. This stress combines with natural age-related changes and can lead to conditions like a herniated disc or spinal arthritis that are often the sources of neck or back pain.

When to consider surgery for neck or back pain relief

Patients in Orlando visiting a spine physician should expect to receive a full evaluation to reach a diagnosis of the underlying condition. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn as much as you can about your spine and how your specific condition was caused. Along with conservative treatments like medication, physical therapy and spinal injections, educating yourself as a patient can be an extremely important part of treatment.

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