Seeing a back doctor to diagnose your neck or back pain

Visiting a back doctor in Hialeah, Florida, is a good idea if you live in the area and are concerned that your chronic back pain may be related to a spine condition. As we age, the parts that support the neck and back begin to deteriorate, which can lead to chronic discomfort, numbness and tingling in the extremities, pain that seems to travel along a nerve and all sorts of other frustrating issues. In cases where your primary care doctor is unable to diagnose the underlying source of these symptoms, you may be referred to a more specialized back doctor.

Specific conditions that cause neck and back pain

As a back doctor can explain, as we age, our spinal anatomy naturally begins to deteriorate as a result of years supporting our body and allowing for the flexibility that we require in the neck and back. These degenerative changes are normal and cannot be avoided. The problem is that sometimes the resulting conditions can lead to the compression of a spinal nerve, which may cause a range of symptoms. Here are just a few examples of the conditions that can develop in the spinal column:

  • Degenerative disc disease. This condition is marked by the deterioration of the flexible discs that are located in between vertebrae.
  • Facet disease. The arthritic deterioration of a vertebral joint that connects adjacent vertebrae and provides stability and flexibility in the spine.
  • Spinal stenosis. The gradual narrowing of the spinal canal, which can result in the constriction of the spinal cord.
  • Foraminal stenosis. The narrowing of the foramen – the canals through which the nerve roots enter and exit the spinal column before branching into the body.
  • Spondylolisthesis. The misalignment of the vertebrae in the spinal column.

Learning about your condition and possible treatments

Upon diagnosing the source of your neck pain, back pain or other symptoms, your back doctor can help you manage your pain through a series of nonsurgical techniques such as physical therapy and medication. Surgery may be recommended if weeks or months of conservative treatment do not provide the relief you require to engage in normal activities.

Patients in Hialeah who are considering spine surgery should reach out to the caring and dedicated team at Laser Spine Institute to learn more about the benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery. We have outpatient surgery centers located across the United States, including Tampa.

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