Exercise for back pain — yoga therapy to relieve chronic back pain

Yoga is one of the preferred methods of conservative treatment for people suffering from neck or back pain. Yoga is a calm form of exercise that does not risk impacting or jarring the spine, much like swimming and water therapy. The movements are slow and controlled, combining the perfect balance of strengthening and stretching exercises to help relieve pressure on the spine and reduce pain caused by spine conditions.

If you suffer from a spine condition and you are experiencing chronic neck or back pain, consult your physician about beginning a yoga routine to help strengthen the core muscles around your spine and lengthen the spine to relieve pressure on the vertebrae.

Benefits of yoga for back pain

The most important benefit of yoga is that most poses aim to lengthen and stretch the spine, causing the impacted nerve in the spine to be decompressed and your pain to alleviate. This is especially true for patients with degenerative spine conditions. Over time, the spine becomes compressed by repetitive motions and weight gain. The vertebrae are pushed against the discs and joints in between each set of vertebrae, causing the discs and joints to gradually deteriorate. This may result in a vertebra or joint moving out of alignment an impacting a nerve in the spinal cord.

Yoga stretches aim to open the diaphragm and lengthen the spine, taking pressure off of the vertebrae and decompressing the impacted nerve in the spinal canal. This will reduce back pain and move the vertebrae into the correct position in the spine.

The second benefit of yoga is the core strengthening exercises. Once the stretches move the vertebrae into the correct place, the core strengthening exercises in yoga tighten the muscles surrounding the spine, helping them to hold the components of the spine in place. Strengthening the core also helps to support the weight of the body, which alleviates some pressure off of the spine and reduces spinal compression.

Yoga classes to relieve back pain

Consult your physician before beginning any type of treatment for your chronic back pain. Based on your condition and medical history, your physician might recommend a soothing or gentle yoga class to begin your treatment. You should inform your physician if you experience any pain or extreme discomfort during or immediately after your yoga session. Stop and rest if you experience pain in the middle of a yoga pose.

For more information about the treatment options available to treat chronic back pain, contact our care team at Laser Spine Institute. We‘ve helped over 75,000 people find relief from neck and back pain, and we are confident that we can help you find the best treatment solution for your needs.