Swimming — water therapy to relieve back pain

If you have been diagnosed with a spine condition, or if you suffer from chronic back pain, you may be hesitant to start an exercise routine for fear of increasing your pain or making your back condition worse. You may even want to try to exercise, but your chronic back pain is preventing you from doing your daily activities, nonetheless exercising or strength training.

Throughout our website, we’ve discussed the importance of exercise as both a treatment for back pain and a preventive step for future spine conditions. At Laser Spine Institute, we understand your hesitancy about exercising. Most of our patients had suffered with back pain for over 9 years before reaching out to our care team for help. We’ve heard your stories and we know the pain and fear you are experiencing. We want you to know that we have a solution for your situation to help you get into exercising and relieve some of your pain without making your condition worse.

The key to exercising to relieve back pain and not increase it is to find exercises that are low-impact. Swimming and water therapy are two of the best methods of conservative treatment for back pain caused by spine conditions. Using water as a medium for exercise eliminates any impact that might jar your spine while still strengthening and toning the core muscles to help support your spine. Over the last decade, water therapy has become a proven conservative treatment for patients suffering from chronic back pain.

Benefits of swimming and water therapy for back pain

Water therapy provides patients with the ability to exercise without any impact or jarring of the spine. Additionally, one of the biggest benefits of exercising in water is that people are naturally buoyant in water. What happens if you stand in chest deep water with your hands at your side? If you don’t fight the buoyancy, your hands and arms naturally rise to rest on top of the water. This buoyancy and the body’s natural desire to rest on top of the water will serve to gradually lengthen your spine and relieve pressure on your spinal nerves due to a spine condition.

Swimming is a great exercise to start with for back pain because swimming is a full body workout with no negative impact on the spine. Not only does the twisting motion of swimming strengthen the core muscles that help to support the spine, but also the aerobic nature of swimming will help reduce the body’s excess weight and relieve pressure off of the spine.

Find the right water therapy treatment for your spine condition

The types of exercise done in the water to relieve back pain depend on the type of spine condition with which you are diagnosed. Consult your physician to determine the best exercises to perform to strengthen the muscles surrounding your spine and alleviate your chronic back pain. You can also contact our care team for more information about your spine condition and the treatment options available to you based on the severity of your condition and your medical history. We are here to guide you through the pain relief process so you can get back to conquering life.