Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Suffering from the pain associated with failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) can be debilitating. Though FBSS is called a syndrome, the condition is simply the result of a patient undergoing a surgery and not finding any relief. FBSS is most commonly seen in patients who have unsuccessfully undergone open neck or back surgery. These patients often are left with the same, or worse, pain than they had initially seeking treatment.

How is it caused?

Because FBSS is caused by a failed back surgery, there are a number of procedures that often result in this condition. Generally, these procedures can have severe complications for patients postoperatively. The most common of these complications include:

  • Infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Issues with hardware inserted into the spine
  • Inadequate nerve decompression
  • Scar tissue formation
  • Spinal fusion failure


Suffering from FBSS can have a devastating impact on a patient’s ability to enjoy the quality of life that they deserve. Though the symptoms vary dependent on the procedure, conditions and overall patient health, FBSS can leave patients experiencing chronic and severe pain. The most commonly recognized symptoms include:

  • Trouble recuperating
  • Limited mobility
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Dependency on pain management
  • New spine conditions
  • Chronic pain

The best way to avoid FBSS is to avoid undergoing open or traditional neck or back surgery. Though not all patients can avoid undergoing a traditional procedure, many can by looking into conservative and alternative treatments. Laser Spine Institute offers patients minimally invasive alternatives to traditional open neck or back surgery. Our procedures offer higher effectiveness and lower complication rates than those of open surgery. To see if your FBSS can be treated through one of our minimally invasive procedures, contact Laser Spine Institute today.