Chiropractic care — spinal decompression table to treat back pain

Many people who suffer from back pain, especially in the lower back, find pain relief through the use of a decompression table. A decompression table is a conservative form of treatment for mild cases of back pain. During the process, the patient lays on the table and pulls a strap around the torso and feet of the body. Then, the table is rotated specific ways to stretch and lengthen the impacted area of the spine. In some cases, the patient may find himself with his feet in the air and his head near the ground to lengthen the lumbar spine (lower back).

A decompression table can be used at home or in a chiropractic clinic. We suggest first trying the treatment at a chiropractic office so the therapy can be monitored in case something goes wrong. Consult your primary physician before starting any pain relief treatment for your back, and tell your physician if you experience pain or discomfort during or immediately after a treatment session.

Purpose of the decompression table treatment method

Chiropractors use two main techniques to treat neck and back pain: spinal manipulation and spinal decompression. Spinal decompression is the most common form of treatment, and the most easily accessible to people because decompression tables can be used at home as well as in a chiropractic office.

The purpose of spinal decompression is to stretch and extend the spine to relieve pressure from the discs and joints in the spine and decompress any impacted nerve. As the body ages, the vertebrae in the spine become compressed due to age and weight gain. As the vertebrae compress, they clamp the joints and discs found between each set of vertebrae. This may cause the discs or joints to flatten and expand, moving outside of the normal parameters of the spine and impacting a local nerve. This occurs with bulging discs, herniated discs, and spondylosis.

For patients suffering from vertebral compression, a spinal decompression procedure may help to alleviate pain and move the components of the spine back into proper place. You can also begin core exercises to build up the muscles around the spine to help hold everything in place.

Alternative treatments for spinal decompression

If your back pain is not being alleviated by a decompression table, you may want to consider other treatment options to meet your needs. Our care team at Laser Spine Institute can inform you about the treatment options available to you based on your spine condition and severity of the condition. Let us help guide you through the treatment process so you can find lasting relief from back pain.