Overview of chiropractic medicine

Chiropractic medicine was founded more than a century ago by Daniel David Palmer and this form of alternative medicine has evolved into a field that deals specifically with spine-related disorders and their symptoms. A modern, socially accepted definition of chiropractic medicine might be as simple as the manual manipulation of the spinal anatomy to alleviate pain without medication or surgery. The field’s history is much more complex than that simplified definition. To learn about the conditions treated by chiropractic care as well as the alternatives available to this form of treatment, read on.

Conditions treated by chiropractic medicine

Palmer, the father of chiropractic, once claimed to restore hearing to a nearly deaf janitor through spinal manipulation. Few chiropractors make such claims today because the field of chiropractics has attempted to move collectively into the medical mainstream over the years. In essence, chiropractors believe the following:

  • The body has a powerful self-healing ability
  • The structures of the spine and the functionality of the body are closely related
  • Therapy, in the form of manually returning the spine to its normal position, can facilitate the spine-body-health relationship

People who suffer from neck or back pain, herniated or bulging discs, sciatica, tension headaches and shoulder, arm or leg pain are often able to find relief from chiropractic medicine.

When chiropractic medicine is not enough

If manual manipulation, chiropractic massage, nutrition counseling or other chiropractic medicine techniques are not enough to manage chronic neck or back pain, contact Laser Spine Institute to learn how a minimally invasive procedure using muscle-sparing techniques can help you rediscover your life without neck or back pain.

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