Manipulation under Anesthesia

Manipulation under Anesthesia

Manipulation under anesthesia is a form of the chiropractic procedure known as manual manipulation. Manual manipulation is when a chiropractor flexes, mobilizes, or adjusts a joint in the patient’s body to address any abnormalities in the joint, improve range of motion, and relive stiffness, pain, swelling, and more. However, as you can likely surmise, manipulation under anesthesia involves the patient undergoing such a procedure while under moderate to deep IV sedation.

Is it Helpful?

Proponents of this procedure say that the anesthesia allows the chiropractor to flex and mobilize the patient’s joint without worrying about the patient instinctively tensing up or wincing, which might occur if the patient were not anesthetized. Movements and adjustments that might have otherwise caused discomfort during the procedure can now be carried out quickly and easily, potentially providing the patient with greater range of motion and less pain.

Is it for You?

Just like regular manual manipulation, manipulation under anesthesia has been shown to temporarily help those suffering from back pain, neck pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, or other spinal conditions. However, certain individuals should not undergo anesthetization for various reasons, so this procedure is not for everyone.

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