Look for these qualities in a Scottsdale back physician

If you’re looking for a back physician in Scottsdale, AZ, a heavily populated area like this has many options to choose from. Deciding which one is the best for your needs might take a little time, but it’s worth the investment to find a physician who is most qualified to treat your condition and provide you with effective treatment.

Basic qualifications to look for in a back physician

When you begin researching back physician options in Scottsdale, much of the important and basic information is readily available by looking it up online and by asking the physicians themselves. You should consider the following important factors when narrowing down your list of prospective physicians:

  • Education and training
  • Awards and certifications
  • Conditions treated
  • Methods of treatment

Once you have a basic idea of whether a given back physician is the right match for you, you might consider the hours that his or her office keeps. While many offices have 9-to-5 schedules, you could find a Scottsdale back physician that allows for visits on the weekends or during the evenings, which might make it easier for you to visit without needing to miss work or other important obligations.

The intangibles

Even if you know all of the hard facts about a back physician in the Scottsdale area, there are some other, less obvious factors you should also consider. Many of these can’t be gathered by checking out the physician’s website or by calling the office. For example, it’s useful to meet with the physician to get a feel for his or her personality. During this meeting, ask yourself if you are comfortable talking with the physician and asking questions. If at any point, you sense that you’re being rushed, or you feel like your questions would be unwelcome, you might want to consider different back physicians.

Patient-centered care at Laser Spine Institute

There are many types of back physicians who use a range of methods to treat the spine conditions that often cause neck and back pain, but most of them should first recommend conservative treatments before ever presenting surgery as an option.

For patients who have not been able to find lasting relief from a full course of conservative treatments, Laser Spine Institute provides minimally invasive spine surgery. Our procedures are performed on an outpatient basis at our centers across the United States, including our facility in Scottsdale.

Contact us today to learn more. We’re happy to offer a no-cost review of your MRI or CT scan* to determine if you may be a candidate for one of our procedures.