Degenerating vertebrae or intervertebral discs: minimally invasive treatment of common spine conditions

Due to the normal wear and tear of physical movement and aging, the spine is vulnerable to many different degenerative conditions, despite its strong construction. Discs can bulge or rupture, placing pressure on spinal nerve roots; scar tissue, bone spurs or bulging discs can constrict the foramina; discs can degenerate and flatten, causing bone-on-bone contact that prompts the growth of bone spurs on the edges of the vertebrae. Treatment options have traditionally ranged from conservative (pain management, rest, physical therapy) to aggressive (traditional open back surgery), but have not always been successful.

Outpatient treatment

There is a new option: minimally invasive spine surgery from Laser Spine Institute. This groundbreaking technology enables our surgeons to address your spine condition without the added risks or inconvenience of traditional open back surgery, whether you have a herniated disc or hypertrophic vertebrae. If a more conservative treatment plan has not alleviated your symptoms, it may be time to consider Laser Spine Institute for treatment of ailments like these:

  • Foraminal stenosis
  • Facet hypertrophy (also known as facet disease)
  • Bulging or herniated discs

If your physician’s treatment plan of heat application, rest, physical therapy and/or pain medication has not adequately addressed your symptoms, contact Laser Spine Institute today for more information or to arrange a review of your MRI or CT scan.