Sore back treatment starts with your doctor

It happens all the time: while moving sharply or lifting something heavy, you feel a spasm in your back. The result can be days and weeks of pain that can make basic movement and normal activity difficult. It could be a minor strain, or it could be a spinal injury — it may be hard to tell because the symptoms can be similar. While you can find many sources of information and advice, it’s important to consult with your primary care doctor for accurate and effective information on how to treat a sore back.

Working with a doctor is important because self-diagnosing and self-treating a sore back is risky. Although symptoms and initial treatment can be similar for a lot of causes of back soreness, there are some conditions that do require more immediate and intensive treatment. It is also important to have your mode of treatment monitored by a medical professional to avoid worsening symptoms.

Conservative treatment options

After diagnosing the cause of back pain, the common recommendation by doctors is a course of conservative, nonsurgical treatment. Typical suggestions may include:

  • Application of ice or heat to reduce pain and swelling
  • Use of pain medication or anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Alternating periods of rest with light physical activity and exercise
  • Physical therapy
  • Changes in lifestyle, such as improving posture and nutrition

Muscle and ligament injuries of the back can heal themselves over time, and following the above recommendations can help to speed up recovery. Since every patient and situation is unique, your doctor needs to personalize treatment according to your patient’s age, height, weight and other individual variables.

When is surgery necessary?

Many spine issues — such as a herniated disc — can also potentially heal after a period of conservative therapy. But there are also back problems that require more involved treatment. If you are being recommended for surgery to address a chronic spine problem, contact Laser Spine Institute. Our surgeons perform minimally invasive spine surgery to treat common spine problems on an outpatient basis. These procedures have less risk of complication and shorter recovery periods^ compared to traditional open back surgery.

To receive a no-cost MRI review* to find out if you may be a candidate for one of our procedures, contact Laser Spine Institute today.