Torn Disc Surgery and Alternatives

A torn disc occurs when the annulus fibrosus (the cartilaginous exterior) of a disc ruptures. This can become painful for many patients if the disc’s nucleus pulpous (the jelly-like interior) seeps through the tear and enters into the spinal canal. If symptoms of this condition continue for months, and conservative treatments, such as pain medication and physical therapy, provide little relief, a physician may recommend torn disc surgery.


As with most medical procedures, traditional open back surgery presents certain risks. Before deciding on surgery, patients should consider the following downsides:

  • Large incision
  • Excessive scar tissue
  • Lengthy recovery
  • Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)
  • Risk for infection

For some, the idea of a life without neck or back pain is simply too appealing for surgery not to be considered. Patients should weigh the risks and benefits of traditional open back surgery with a qualified physician to ensure the proper course of treatment is established.


Those who are unwilling to face the risks or lengthy recovery time required by open neck or open back surgery may want to consider the minimally invasive, outpatient procedures performed by the orthopedic specialists at Laser Spine Institute. Our procedures have helped tens of thousands of patients to find relief from neck or back pain. Contact us to learn more about these procedures and to schedule an initial consultation.